Port City Thrift & Resale In Goose Creek
Port City Thrift, in Goose Creek, SC, provides a unique thrift store shopping experience for shoppers that want high-end customer service, a wide selection of products, and low thrift store prices.

We specialize in used furniture, home décor, kitchen items, a few collectibles, the occasional antique, some odds & ends, and more, all at old school thrift store prices.

Don't miss out on some of the best thrift store values in the area.
We are not a consignment store and we don't solicit donations. We own everything that we sell in our store, because 100% of our items for sale are hand-picked and purchased by us.

We are based on a traditional resale store business model, and we've added a few upscale customer services, such as: WiFi Internet access, Comcast TV viewing, easy-listening music, comfortable sitting area for reading.

For those seeking the shopping experience and feel of an expensive, upscale consignment store with real thrift store prices, then visit Port City Thrift, in Ladson for a moneysaving, unique shopping experience that will keep you and your friends coming back every week.

We don’t have the feel of those large, corporate, non-profit thrift store, where the manager is not the owner, where employees or volunteers aren't friendly and/or don't make you feel welcomed, where donations of questionable quality are accepted and sold, sometimes regardless of the quality.
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Hope Curry reviewed Port City Thrift — 5 star

i LOVE this place! not only is the furniture and items nice and priced just right the owners and staff truly make this place u enjoy shopping at. I recommend everyone check out this amazing store!!!